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Strengthening Beard Oil

Strengthening Beard Oil

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Our Strengthening Beard Oil strengthens beard, adds moisture and aids in hair growth as well as combats hard to grow spots. 

Instructions: After washing, we recommend using our Beard Moisturizer. Apply to beard roots and massage through to the ends of beard. You may also apply to other areas of the face where you wish to see more growth. Can also be added to hair and scalp.


Sweet almond oil- increases shine, high in vitamins A, B, D and E, strengthens hair and reduces hair loss, aids in healthy hair follicles as well as scalp, prevents dandruff, promotes hair growth, seals in moisture, great for all hair types, conditions beard

Grapeseed Oil- lightweight, adds moisture and shine, contains linolenic acid which combats baldness and stimulates hair follicles, high in Vitamin E

Tea Tree Oil- unclogs hair follicles allowing growth, stimulated hair follicles, antimicrobial, anti-fungal and antiseptic, increases oxygen and nutrient supply in the hair follicles. improves overall condition of hair

Peppermint Essential Oil- increases circulation to the areas it's applied to, can increase the number of follicles, follicle depth, and overall hair growth, great hair loss remedy

Jojoba Oil- strengthens hair, includes Vitamin C, B and E, a great moisturizer

Rose hip Oil- repairs damaged hair, renews damaged scalp tissue, moisturizes, soothes calm, itchy scalp, clears dark spots

Rosemary Essential Oil- prevents premature graying, prevents hair follicles from starving and blood supply from dying off. 

Calendula Oil- hydrates dry scalp, removes dandruff, improves overall condition of scalp and chin, helps grow a thicker and fuller beard, protects hair from cell damaging free radicals. 


*It is important to note that all men's bodies work differently. What works for the majority may not always work for all skin and hair types.*


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