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100% Organic Ingredients: calendula flowers, rose petals, lavender flowers, red raspberry leaf, chamomile, calendula oil, tea tree oil, ylang ylang oil, lavender oil, rosehip oil, vitamin e, jojoba oil, olive oil and coconut oil. 


Our V-Oil is loaded with herbs that are antibacterial, antimicrobial as well as anti-fungal. Gentle enough for the vulva yet powerful enough to fight off and prevent infection. 



  • Great for moisturizing
  • Prevents razor bumps and helps to lighten dark mark from previous razor bumps
  • Helps to stabilize the pH
  • Prevents odors and fights infection


  • After a bath, shower, wax or shave and with clean hands massage oil onto vulva.
  • Can also be used inside thighs as well as the entire bikini area.
  • Also great after shaving other parts of the body. 

*It is important to note that all women's bodies work differently. What works for the majority may not always work for all skin types.*


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